Galgos love company and therefore make ideal companions. They tend to be rather lazy and are generally more than happy to curl up somewhere cosy at home. In common with other dogs, they do not like to be on their own.

Galgos run very fast and have excellent eyesight, so it’s advisable always to have them on a lead when you’re out walking them.

The galgo shopping list

A few things to keep in mind:

  • A wide strap with a strong hook
  • A special galgo collar bearing an identification plate
  • A recipient for food and another for water
  • A rubber brush for hair
  • A bed: a small quilt is ideal as galgos like to make a nest
  • A coat for use in cold or rainy weather

We hope that the content of this section will explode a few of the myths about galgos as pets and that you may consider offering one of our galgos a permanent home. Please feel free to call in at our centre if you have any doubts and are trying to make up your mind.

Visit our center and decide for yourself.