Intense work throughout Spain

With our firm commitment in the fight for the defense of the galgos, in SOS Galgos we carry out an intense rescue work throughout Spain, where every year thousands of galgos are mistreated and abandoned as hunting waste.

There are hundreds of galgos in need that we help every year. To come to their aid as quickly as possible, we have a permanent point of contact with volunteers in most Spanish provinces. Many of them are in deplorable conditions after having been living in the street. They are malnourished, dehydrated and often injured.

The dogs we collect are temporarily taken to a kennel or a foster home. The foster homes are fundamental to the work of SOS Galgos. Without them, it would not be possible to rescue so many galgos.

Careful in the transfer

From our operations center in Esplugues, Barcelona, we meticulously prepare all the logistics of the transfer process.

Until the arrival at the destination, we try to guarantee the maximum comfort of the animal, making the trip in a large carrier, well wrapped with blankets so that it does not get cold, with a transfer company specialized in the transfer of animals.

Upon arrival, the galgo is given a veterinary check-up and is offered all the care it requires for its recovery.

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