To raise awareness about the abuse that exists towards the greyhound.

In 2010, with the help of our partner, volunteer and photographer Pep Martínez we created a visual communication campaign to promote our cause and make known the good character of the Galgo.

The concept of the campaign was the elegance. It was based on uniting the image of famous or media characters with the image of these noble animals.

With this campaign, we tried to sensitize people and create a strong counterpoint between the elegance, the nobility and the know-how of the Galgos against the brutal abuse that thousands of them suffer every year.

“Put a Galgo in your life” is an action to raise awareness of the abuse that exists against the Galgo, but also shows how good they are as pets.

The campaign had the collaboration of:

Tiziana Dominguez,
maximum responsible of Adolfo Domínguez

Pol Espargaró,
MotoGP rider

Magda Oranich,
member Board of Directors of FC Barcelona

Vadó Lladó, announcer
in RAC105 radio

Ivette Nadal,

Luís Figo, exsoccer

Antonio Molero,

Maribel Verdú,

Alex Crivillé,
motorcycling exrider

Alex O’Doherty, actor

Klea Levin, model
& designer

Sergi Arola, chef

Beatriz Ferré Salat,
horse rider

Helen Sweden,

Antonio Orozco,

Pau Donés, singer

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