We have been defending the galgos in Spain from abuse and suffering for over 20 years.

The story of SOS Galgos

SOS Galgos was founded in Esplugues (Barcelona) in 2000, and has its roots in the Tres Vet clinic, our main small animal veterinary practice. Its founders, Albert Sordé and Anna Clements met in Barcelona and share a great love for animals, especially sighthounds. 

700 Irish greyhounds in deplorable conditions

It was after the closure of the Barcelona dog racetrack in 1999 that Anna and Albert decided to fight for the 700 racing greyhounds that were living in deplorable conditions there.

They saw that the support of foreign associations working in the defence of Irish greyhounds was essential in order to fight the passivity of, and lack of support from, the Catalonian and Spanish authorities.

With the racetracks closed down, SOS Galgos now strives to defend the galgos (Spanish greyhounds) used indiscriminately by capricious hunters to take part in hare coursing. They are treated like trash when they are no longer useful at the end of the hunting season. Every year, throughout Spain, the hunters then either throw the galgos into wells and ditches, or kill them by hanging them or slitting their throats.

A history of social mobilization

We run an adoption program, but are primarily active in the legislative and educational fields with a view to combating the root problem: the lack of control over breeding and the absence of really effective legislation.

Our work is aimed at raising awareness among the general public to understand that both galgos that have retired from hare coursing and those that are no longer needed for hunting can make ideal domestic pets.

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