Our social objectives

  • Help galgos in dire straits and find them suitable homes.
  • Work to change laws and improve the level of protection of pets.
  • Educate and sensitize people about how wonderful the galgo is as a companion animal.
  • Encourage charitable actions against the abuse and exploitation of galgos.

SOS Galgos in action

1. Rescue retired galgos and other pets who have been abandoned or used for commercial or sporting purposes, to give them a safe home.

2. Provide suitable health and welfare conditions, alongside veterinay assistance, to galgos and other pets awaiting adoption.

3. Promote the adoption of galgos and other pets by suitable owners.

4. Make the public aware of the advantages of having galgos as pets and of the abuse which they suffer.

5. Raise public awareness of the needs of pets and the importance of responsible ownership in order to promote general animal welfare.

6. Promote the engagement of mentally or physically disabled people in activities with rescued galgos or other pets, such as in responsible ownership education.

7. Promote educational talks and regular visits to schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other centres for galgos and other pets to take part in pet therapy programmes.

8. Denounce animal cruelty and abandonment and promote the defence of animal rights.

9. Promote informative social activities, to teach society to value respect towards animals and to raise awareness of the need for animal protection.

10. Promote and participate in projects to change policy related to pet welfare and protection.

At SOS Galgos we believe that it’s time for Spain to have THE legislative means to fight more effectively against cruelty to animals