New Board Member elected

A few days ago we learnt that our current Vice-president, Sandro Giacomelli, would be unable to continue in his post owing to other commitments.

We are sorry to hear this, but we would like to thank Sandro for his enormous dedication to the cause of the galgos in the knowledge that he would consistently do all in his power to help them.

In thinking of someone who could replace Sandro as VP, the Board have decided to nominate Joan Carlos Simón in view of his continuous interest and support as an active member of SOS Galgos.

For the last 18 years, Joan Carles has been involved in the rescue, defence and adoption activities of the organisation, including that of his own family as an adopters themselves.

He has demonstrated qualities of honesty, enthusiasm, and sheer dedication, as well as a facility for dealing easily and confidently with the people he comes into contact with.

He will contribute effectively in the fight to end the mistreatment and abandonment of galgos, as well as to their promotion as loyal and loving pets.

We thank you Joan Carles for agreeing to take on this important job, and for bringing to it your efforts, enthusiasm and team-working approach.

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