We seek legislative and social change

SOS Galgos considers it essential to influence in the legislative field to be able to change laws and influence policies that allow to improve the level of protection of abandoned and mistreated animals and, especially, the situation of galgos, contributing, consequently, to change habits and cultural and social behaviors. 

In this sense, we participate directly in the analysis and amendments of national and autonomic regulations related to the matter.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, we are currently working on a study aimed at defining a proposal to establish a new legal framework for the protection of galgos in Spain.

This joint action with the university will allow us to conform results based on evidence that will allow us to know elements such as: the magnitude of greyhounds that are abandoned every year -a figure that is not known with accuracy at the moment-, international regulations and their comparison with ours or other realities about animal abuse.

This project, made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the organizations SCPA International and Greyhound in Needs, represents a great boost for the organization, as it will allow us to reinforce our strategy of influence in the regulatory and legislative spheres to achieve a change in the legal status of the galgo.

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