Every time we organize a stand, many people come to ask about the world of galgos. And they usually ask us how they can collaborate with the association. And in many occasions, the situation of these people does not allow them neither to adopt, nor to foster and even they do not have many resources to be able to help us in our daily work.

For all these people, to give them the opportunity to participate in this beautiful work, we came up with the idea of creating a group of micro-donations through the Teaming platform.

It’s very simple… You register in the group through Teaming and you participate immediately with a contribution of 1 euro per month for the whole year, just one euro per month!

The first reaction to who we offer this option is to think that with one euro we will not be able to do much. But this is far from the truth. Little by little, this group is growing and expanding through the network, and in the end, these small contributions of many selfless people end up becoming a much-needed monthly income for our animals.

We encourage you to join our Teaming group! The small contributions are the most important.

Join our Teaming group with a simple click: