Introducing Lula

Lula is a very small podenca, and she is a year and a half old.

Her character is scared at first, but she quickly gains confidence with her family and is very affectionate, playful and funny.

She’s a little scared to walk, but she is getting used to the outdoors more and more and walks well on a leash. When she’s scared, her reaction is to freeze up, so she occasionally stands still when he sees other dogs, but she learns very quickly.

She is a very smart dog, who understands orders very quickly. Her character is very affectionate and funny. She loves to sleep in the sun and play.

She needs a family that understands that she is in a process of adaptation, and has a little patience with her. Also, a family that does not have very small Chihuahua-sized dogs, since she has the hunting instinct of its breed and confuses these small dogs with prey.

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