If you think you are qualified to own a galgo, but cannot commit to caring for it for the rest of its life, you can consider fostering it temporarily. You will be able to help a galgo adapt to life in a family since most of them have only known cages and competition.

The heart of SOS Galgos

Temporary foster homes are the basis of SOS Galgos’ work. Without them, we would never be able to rescue so many galgos, nor would we be able to have them well prepared to be passed on to adoptive families.

It is not easy to let a dog you have devoted so much time and love to leave your life. But each adoption means freeing up a foster home to save another galgo in need. And that is the most important thing.

The first step towards a new life

Becoming a foster home is a very important responsibility. For the dog it is the first experience in the bosom of a family with its rules, guidelines and obligations. It is also his first contact with welfare, affection and education.

In the foster home, the fundamental evaluation is carried out to determine whether it can live with adults, children, cats or other domestic animals; once evaluated, it will be ready to be adopted in the family that best suits it.

Rescued galgos often suffer from anxiety and it is very important to treat it so that they can lead a serene and calm life, making them an ideal pet for any type of home.

Successfully managing the foster period without excessive stress is an important part of the galgo adoption process, as becoming a pet represents a big change in your routine.

Information for Volunteers

When you become a temporary host volunteer, we provide you with a complete manual of the keys and guidelines to successfully perform this important work. And for any doubt or problem that may arise, we will always be attentive to help you.

In addition, we give you the galgo in foster care provided with its anti-escape collar, leash, vaccination certificate and a badge with the contact of SOS Galgos, which is essential to keep.

Talk to us and we will be happy to answer your questions and doubts about how to become a SOS Galgos volunteer.