In defence of THE GALGO

Every year in Spain, tens of thousands of galgos are hanged, thrown into wells and gutters as hunting waste.
At SOS Galgos, with our rescue, recovery and adoption efforts, we have given new lives to more than 3,000 galgos. But our work is also in the daily struggle to try to change society from the legal and educational field. With your help, we can give many more greyhounds a better future.

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We have been defending galgos for more than 20 years. Learn about our history, objectives and actions.

What do we do?

We rescue and cure galgos and cure them, help them socialise and find them a home or sponsor.

How you can help?

There are many ways you can do it! You can adopt, sponsor, donate or become volunteer.

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“The abandonment and mistreatment of galgos in our country upsets both citiziens of Spain and its neighbouring countries, and therefore harms Spain’s image as a modern and fair country.”

Umberto Giacomelli, president of SOS Galgos

“Of the 3 million hunters registered in Spain, 200,000 are galgueros. Their mentality at the end of the hunting season is, “if it’s no longer useful, why keep it?”. The solution lies in educating the next generations.”

Anna Clements, director & co-founder of SOS Galgos

“We organise the rescue and adoption of as many galgos as the donations of partners and supporters allow, and we work to raise awareness of the virtues of galgos and to raise more funds to help them.”

Albert Sordé, vet & co-founder of SOS Galgos

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